fredag 6 april 2012

Some pictures from the tour with Graveyard

 Power up in Hamburg!
 Someone has to do the dirty work...Axel emptying the bands collected urine with a smile.
 Graveyard awesome as always!
 Boozin the night away
 I drank all this beer ya'll. Peace!
 Some are brushing their teeth and some (Axel) is getting drunk again.
 A very fun and interview with Soulceller magazine
 Kristofer happy about his new shoes that he bought at Netto for only 20 euro. Those 5-layer soles will last a life time for shure. Good investment!
 Barbeque in some sort of a parking lot, gypsie style!
 Relaxing and enjoying the sun while it lasts in Holland
 Graveyards road manager backed our camper into a post and cracked the tail lights
 Brussels loge view
 Sleeping in a farmers field in France
 Sleeping on a dodgy street in London
 The right rear tire exploded on the highway and nearly killed us all in northern England. Getting help from a nice police man.
Last days of the tour, waiting too long for crappy food, drinking crappy beer in Nottingham

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