lördag 21 april 2012

Summer Schedule

Fri, 04 May
Karlstad, SE
Thu, 31 May
Alvesta, SE
Fri, 08 Jun
Padova, IT
Tue, 17 Jul
Hamburg, DE
Wed, 18 Jul
Goleniow, PL
Thu, 19 Jul
Gdynia, PL
Fri, 20 Jul
Warsaw, PL
Sat, 21 Jul
Pössneck, DE
Fri, 27 Jul
Emmaboda, SE

fredag 20 april 2012

LP release delay

Unfortunately there has been some sort of delay on the LP's so the 20:th of april, which we thought, is not going to happen. Stay strong brothers and sisters. The time will come.

måndag 16 april 2012

More live recordings from Roadburn

The guy filming this is unfortunately standing in front of Kristofers crazy loud Hiwatt with double cabinets.... Kristofer told us later that the only thing he heard was his own guitar, even drowning the sound of the drums. It becomes pretty clear why here hehe.

onsdag 11 april 2012

Off to Roadburn!

Today we will do the 12 hour hell drive to the Roadburn festival in Holland where we will play tomorrow, the 12:th. We are playing in the green room at 4 p.m. Hope to see you there!

fredag 6 april 2012

We like this guy! And you should too.

Horisont - Second Assault Review

Some pictures from the tour with Graveyard

 Power up in Hamburg!
 Someone has to do the dirty work...Axel emptying the bands collected urine with a smile.
 Graveyard awesome as always!
 Boozin the night away
 I drank all this beer ya'll. Peace!
 Some are brushing their teeth and some (Axel) is getting drunk again.
 A very fun and interview with Soulceller magazine
 Kristofer happy about his new shoes that he bought at Netto for only 20 euro. Those 5-layer soles will last a life time for shure. Good investment!
 Barbeque in some sort of a parking lot, gypsie style!
 Relaxing and enjoying the sun while it lasts in Holland
 Graveyards road manager backed our camper into a post and cracked the tail lights
 Brussels loge view
 Sleeping in a farmers field in France
 Sleeping on a dodgy street in London
 The right rear tire exploded on the highway and nearly killed us all in northern England. Getting help from a nice police man.
Last days of the tour, waiting too long for crappy food, drinking crappy beer in Nottingham