måndag 12 december 2011

England and Hiwatts

So we just got back from London after a very good weekend opening for Pentagram at The Rentless Garage. The gig went excellent and we met a lot of nice people. Charles and Kristofer also just ordered new amps: Hiwatt Custom stacks which obviously will sound amazing. Some pics:

 Headbanging at some rock place Lee Dorrian took us to. We where all starstruck when we saw Malcolm (can't remember his last name), a guy who's been in a lot of rock documentaries.
 Subway with Lee.
 Cool haircut at the airport.
 Some "manly" wrestling
 The Hotel and Mange
 Dissapointed with English cousine: the whitest bread you've ever seen with an egg on it when he was starving.
 Pentagram rocking out!
 A few drinks later
The Big Red after the show


3 kommentarer:

Johanna sa...

demon-della är rätt skön....

Anonym sa...

äh käft. en strongbow för mycket bara..

Anonym sa...

Hur går det med nya skivan, kommer den ut snart? Jag vill även ha tygmärken?